Facts about Africa

what if i told you today that this is not accurate . Infact Africa is the largest landmass on earth. Africa is not complete as you think Africa includes middle east .The place that people refer to as middle east is North East Africa.

Let us try to understand how they came up with the Middle East Term . 

Note that the term came about when the British ruled over that land mass. I know you are familiar with the term far East . This was used to tefer to places East of Europe for example china and Russia . They called the place middle East as it was inbetween Europe and far East . The so called middle east land rests on Africa tectonic plate and its not part of Asia . The size of middle east is Size: 8,804,395 km now when we add that to the area given of Africa  we will get size 20,481,634 km which makes Africa to be size 3,342,189 km larger than Asia .

images Now this is the true map of the African continent

well I think that is clear enough . I know many wont believe the Middle East being part of Africa( to get more info on this click this link). This is not the only thing that proves Africa is the largest continent on Earth even without Middle East.

this map was drawn by a graphic designer who saw that  Mercator projection map which is not accurate in many things . So he constructed a model of the map of the world taking into hand variables which are ignored in the Mercator map such as curve of the earth. In the Mercator projection Map you will find that Africa is projected to be smaller than Green Land . Alaska is also depicted to be larhger than Brazil you now see it doesnt make sense .(read more on this )


Yyou can see on this map that Many countries can be made to fit on Africa when you observe the areas of thae countries are exact Areas  .


  • Africa is not a country  its made of over 54 countrie(this for the ignorant ones or ones who had no knowledge other than that which is shown to them )

I know this fact sounds obvius . But i have  met people who think that Africa is  one country . If you knew this was a lie this was’not for you but you can just read it for the sake of learning more .

riginally Africa did not have countries  or border boundaries like they do today. It was made up of very many tibal nations with few empires . It was in such a way that people who spoke the same language and were from the same tribe or sub-language group were likely to be in the same kingdom or empire . This state that Africa was at first got interupted after the Europeans scramble and partition of Africa .YYOu will find that land was didvided according to colonial masters not minding if a people were seperated from there own . Thats why you can find one tribe of people in different countries .